No Place Like Rome



Sorry for the cheesy title but it is true. The way the Romans discover and maintain the ruins and relics is something to be admired. The Colosseum and Forum are obvious places to visit but aside from that you can be surprised by ruins all around when walking and there is A LOT of walking. It’s definitely  the cheapest and easiest way to get about, most tourist attractions are within walking distance of each other. Our hotel was very close to the Colosseum so pretty central, most places take between 20 – 30 mins to walk.

The Colosseum itself is pretty amazing and well worth a visit as was the Vatican , however I really enjoyed just walking through Rome on cobbled streets,  thats when you stumble upon cute, authentic cafe’s and restaurants to stop and have drinks, lunch or Gelato. There were so many flavours to choose from Banana was by far the best. In the evenings there are some more lively bars, restaurants and street artists at Piazza Navona.

Screen Shot 2017-09-03 at 19.32.55


The best pasta I had in Rome


Still not over Gingham..


Among the bars and restaurants there were also shops!! The best were close to the Spanish Steps there was everything there from Prada and Dior to Zara, Sephora and even a Lush! Rome is one of my favourite places I’ve been and would love to go back even though we spent 4 days there and did so much there is still more to explore.


Dress @Zara and trusty Converse for walking


Dress @H&M


Red earrings and Limes 

Screen Shot 2017-09-03 at 19.08.27


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