Latitude to Las Vegas

I have had a crazy couple of weeks first of all I went to Latitude Festival and less than 24hr hours after it finished found myself in Las Vegas. It’s been a whirlwind of exciting, tiring, scary, intense, sweaty, and hot hot hot.

So lets start with Latitude this year offered a great mix of bands from the well-known 1975 and Mumford & Sons to finding some great up and coming bands just beginning their career including Lemon Twigs, GURR and Idles


Screen Shot 2017-07-25 at 15.21.28.png

A highlight for me has to be the Lemon Twigs they were super cool and had some great music. Temples on the Sunday night are also a highlight headlining the Sunset Arena, Mumford & Sons headlining Saturday night, especially when they played Little Lion Man and last but not least Mystery Jets who played a great set on the Saturday evening.


Temples headlining the Sunset Arena @ Latitude

P7141539 copy.jpg

Mystery Jests @ Latitude

I was far to busy having a great time (and drinking)  to take specific outfit photos of each look but I did get a few…


Floral tea dress @ Topshop, DR. Marten boots and Levis black denim jacket


Topshop Floral skirt, black crop top and Levis denim jacket

So I left the magical place that is Latitude for another year and headed home, showered which is pretty standard after you’ve been sleeping in a field for 3 nights, finished packing my bag and then headed to the airport. A taxi ride, 10 hour flight and limo ride later I was in a Las Vegas hotel room at the Wynn Hotel.

unnamed copy

Wynn Hotel before a crazy night out- Black jumpsuit @ Newlook

I did and experienced so much in the 4 days I was in Vegas, too much for one blog post but the over view and highlights include: a pink jeep tour in which I got to see a white wedding chapel with a drive through! The famous ‘Welcome to Las Vegas’ sign and also had the chance to see Vegas from a bird’s eye view in the High Roller (like the London eye.) We saw not one but two Vegas shows ‘Le Reve’ and ‘Magic Mike’ both great for very different reasons however both did include topless men dancing but then it was a Hen do or Bachelorette party as they say in the US for a very good friend.


Little White Chapel Las Vegas


“Man, I really like Vegas”Elvis Presley

I also got to see the Grand Canyon on a very hungover Wednesday morning, a Gondola ride inside a hotel and of course have a proper American burger.


The Grand Canyon


Bcause everybody loves a Cactus..

First Nights outfit


Body and pleated trousers both Newlook, jacket Primark, earings and shoes Topshop, bag Mulberry

Outfit for ‘Magic Mike’ show at the Hard Rock Cafe


Love a selfie (uurgghh) Dress, earings and bag all Topshop, Everlasting liquid lipstick (lovecraft) Kat Von D

Screen Shot 2017-07-25 at 16.06.13

What else do you need? Water Melon towel @ Matalan


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