“I Can’t Hear You..” The Struts

Never been to the Norwich Arts centre before but the venue from the outside was quite quant  and cute however the inside the gig room had that dark grey smokey atmosphere that i just love. The Struts themselves were a crazy energetic rock n roll mix of catchy lyrics and ….with a touch of glamour. The lead singer had the most fantastic sequinned top and thrashed not only his hair but himself all over the stage to songs such as ‘Kiss This’ ‘Matter of Time’ and ‘Put Your Money on Me’. This gig was exciting and very different to any other gig I’ve been to lately. Im definitely looking forward to seeing the Struts again. 

After the gig my boyfriend and myself stubbled into the cutest little bar ‘The Ten Bells’ there was a definite shabby chic feel to the bar with mix match furniture including a big red phone box! It has such a lovely atmosphere and the drinks were a good price. Loving Eldefrflower I couldn’t resist treating myself to an Elderflower Royale:  St Germain elderflower liqueur, mint and lime, shaken together and then topped with sparkling wine…YUM


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