Hen Party Goes Punting

Punting is always one of those things I have always wanted to do, but have never had the opportunity! That is until one sunny weekend in May when for a member of the family’s Hen do I got the chance! It was so much fun and actually quite relaxing. The first and maybe hardest job is actually getting onto the boat (especially after a few cocktails) however once on the boat after a sway and a shake you can kick back and relax, letting the chosen punter do all the hard work. We were fortunate that it was a lovely warm sunny day so that we could take full advantage of the beautiful surrounding and architecture cambridge has to offer. Although apart from the architecture we needed something else to entertain us and a hen party wouldn’t be the same on a boat without booze, so naturally we took full advantage of the cocktails being made for us on board. A few of us including myself even had a go punting it was a lot easier than expect and defiantly more fun even though I had drunk my said cocktails I felt pretty in control of the boat and somehow managed to keep myself and the other ladies dry!

Carrying on with cocktails we ended up in vodka revolutions for a cocktail mixing lesson although we only made the basics such as a Mojito and a Long Island Ice Tea it was fun to taste test and learn a little about the effort that goes into making some of our favourites! We then got the opportunity to make our own which was so fun. I have always fancied myself behind a bar and was thrilled to get the opportunity to give it a go. My sister and I went head to head to make the best Moheto and I am pleased to say that of course I won 🙂 




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