Bombay and Beer

Friday night.Friends.Nottingham.Beers flowing. This pretty much set the scene for Bombay Bicycle Club’s gig at Nottingham’s Rock City. Three friends and myself travelled up there for what was to be one of the best gig’s I have ever been to! ‘Feel’ has to be one of the best songs on the recently released ‘So Long, See You Tomorrow’ and to hear this with the energy of live guitars was amazing the whole crowd burst into dance as did I. It was a celebratory gig with classics from ‘A Different Kind Of Fix’ like ‘Shuffle’ and ‘Your Eyes’ as well as crowd pleasers such as ‘Always Like This.’ The whole venue had a revved up energy that was let out in the madness of the mosh pitt, which I am sore to admit I was a part of. My friends and I literally thrashing ourselves around and bashing into each other is usually something I tend to avoid however the atmosphere (and maybe the beer) took over and the finale of ‘Carry Me’ was super intense and lots of fun. 







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