Home Town Gig


Jake Bugg is one of my all time favourite music artists both his albums sit pride of place in my cd collection and after seeing him at UEA last year I couldn’t wait to see him again this year, especially with realise of ‘Shangri-La’. Even better was that I got to see him play his hometown gig, Nottingham Capital FM Arena a huge venue with seating as well as standing. This was a different environment to UEA which is pretty small in size, however the atmosphere was equally as intimate and and the large standing area was a great dance floor!

I couldn’t wait to hear ‘Pine Tree’s’ and ‘Messed Up Kids’ live and wasn’t disappointed, Jake’s minimalist and humble approach to his audience with just a few simple words of thanks is part of his trademark and allows the audience to get totally submersed into the music without any stops. 

 After getting unexpectedly getting involved in the middle of a mosh pit to ‘Lightning Bolt’ ‘A Song About Love’ came as a calming lullaby. I love it when a band or artist sound the same live and Jake Bugg was even better! I can’t wait to see Jake again this year at Reading Festival and will be purchasing my ticket ASAP!



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