Mr Tom Odell..

When he first appeared and slunk cooly over to his piano I couldn’t stop smiling, turning to my sister who also resembled the joker I felt SO excited and ready to start our Saturday night..

I’ve never been to the Brixton Academy before but was impressed with the slopped floor which made for a change it pretty easy for even shorties like me to get a good viewing position from almost anywhere. The stage design of a large light bulbed Tom Odell sign, which hung over the stage is something that I would normally fined quite cheesy and over the top however juxtapose an otherwise understated Tom wearing his usual uniform of skinny jeans and casual open shirt, it worked and lit the stage up.

Like at any gig I always find there is nothing better than singing along to your favourite song alongside your favourite artist (with a cold cider in hand) and this was no exception as one of my favourite artists signing along to ‘Hold Me’ and ‘See If I Care’ was awesome. Sometimes you just want to shut the crowd out and just listen however with some songs like ‘Another Love’ being part of the crowd and joining in is what a gig is all about. Personal highlight has to be when Tom covered ‘Make Love To You’!! Seriously? Need I say more.AMAZING!


Best picture of the night

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