A Spring in My Step

Winter may not be over yet but I am over wearing black and dreary colours (for the moment, black is of course a girls best friend) wowed by all the pastel shades on the high street I knew it was exactly what my wardrobe needed! An injection of colour and optimism.

It started out innocent with a pair of baby pink frilly socks from Topshop they were so cute I had to have them! Next came the legging’s also from Topshop a baby blue and white gingham they reminded me of  Dorothy Gale’s dress in wizard of Oz and being a fan of all things fantasy I was drawn to them. To complete the look I stubbled across a gorgeous pair of baby pink boots from River Island they are a soft girlie colour but have a harder edge with large buckle detail and a chunky black heel. I wore all these three items out together with a pastel pink shirt I picked up from a charity shop and  could just feel the cold air melting away as my pastel colours shone through, spring is definitely around the corner and i’m ready for it!

The following day before work another pair  of frilly socks were added to my collection (again Topshop) this time baby blue acompanied by a matching nail varnish – Blue Moon by Barry M. I’m hooked for the moment on pastel’s and know the collection will keep growing with my love for all things girlie…next stop lilac!!

Screen Shot 2014-02-03 at 20.58.49 Screen Shot 2014-02-07 at 18.03.17 Screen Shot 2014-02-07 at 18.03.02

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