Crafty Crowns

After watching the whiz kid, queen of crafts herself Kirstie Allsopp’s ‘Crafty Christmas’ my sister and I where amazed. Among the pompom making, underwear tie-dyeing and glittering baul baul’s one craft in particular stood out. Paper flowers, yes paper flowers! Think primary school mothers day card making and scrunched up tissue paper but bigger and better… These paper flowers were serious, layers of tissue paper creatively arranged. My sister and I had a classic case of ”we are definitely going to make these” and then never actually got round to it! However after a few months and being inspired by the new rock n rose floral crown designs we set out with one sole purpose to make the biggest and brightest flower crowns!! The best part is they cost us the grand total of about £1.00 each for the tissue paper and ribbon.

I  think we did a pretty good job a flower crown even Frida Kahlo would be proud of..

1527021_10152069919027517_1902096641_n 1504043_10152069919012517_1912550900_n

We even hosted our own christmas gathering complete with home made bunting, balloons, buns and booze ♡


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