The 1975

Monday the 4th started as boring as any other monday but ended with a dash to the train station and being stranded at midnight on a cold, hard platform.

In-between however was a beautiful chilled gig (minus the two lary guys at the front) with The 1975 Their music consists of great lyrics and hypnotic music. As well as the front man’s fantastic hair which has a character all of it’s own, moving in time with the music. It definitely adds to the whole drama of the electric guitars.

There was a relaxed vibe as I looked behind and noticed crowds of people lined along the staircase a beer in one hand and slowly moving with the music. That was until they played Sex arguably one of there best songs and the crowd went from chilled ‘i’m so cool’ head boppers to singing the lyrics back in a chant. For me there is nothing better at a gig than when everyone is singing along in unison…

My friend and i managed to cheat our way to the front by fluttering our (her) eyelashes and using the ol’ “We’re short” card to get unsuspecting males to part with their view and let us slip in in front. The Portland Arms in Cambridge is a small venue anyway so to be at the front is amazing as your can really feed of this bands energy.

There was also a great light show which i must admit i was not expecting from such a small venue, red, blue and purple lights set the stage creating an exciting ambience that totally worked with the bands sound creating a mesmerizing display.

Previous Ep’s include Sex and Facedown. Their new song Head. Cars. Bending from their latest EP Music For Cars out 4th March is well worth a check out trust me. Great band. Great songs. Great live.


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